Inventory Closing error

Inventory closing was paused due to account code error. I have attached the account code and resume the calculation. But system is showing same error again and again. If I cancel inventory closing it shows error that inventroy is closed till August 2013. Now I am not able to cancel or resume inventory closing. How should I go ahead ?

What was the error message?

Is the inventory close finished now? You need to do correction for the error and resume the process.


Inventory closing not finished. I have corrected account code error and resume calculation process but systems is showing same error which was corrected.

Actually i was looking for exact error message.

I think the error message would be like “The account for consumption is not defined”.

If that is so, then you need to fix data in other table also, not sure the exact table but it was inventsettlement table. System stores the rec id which points to the ledger account and the record for the item in error message is not updated with right rec id.

I had seen this issue in 2012. Probably that is the problem.


Hi Dilip, take a look at this post, it might help you

Good luck

Hi Hector, Many thanks for link. I updated account code of invenotry receipt in InventSettlement Table and its work. Thanks a lot again.


Thanks for your support. Error was “Account number for inventory receipt does not exist”. I have updated the account number in InventSettlement table and resume calculation. Its work. Inventory cloing done. Thank you again for support.

Glad to help! Best regards!