Inventory Check at specific date

Hi! Is it possible to see what the inventory status for a article was at a specific date? How much we had in stock the 15:th of may for example? Regards, Kjell Navision 3.01B

Hi Kjell if you run the “Inventory Transaction Detail” report you can specify an item and a date filter, it will show you every transaction, and in reality to get a running total your starting date has to predate the start of the system, but it will give you stock at the time of the end date. Back dating is not easy due to the subsequent movement, so to get the physical figure at this date you have to take into account all transactions, as the end figure is generally a sum of all the entries, so if you miss off the first opening balance entry your final figure will be reduced by this. You can also do this in other reports and views, but you have to be careful how you filter - this is the best one I can think of off the top of my head. I would presume you could have an easier to manage report written to your specifications if you wished. I hope it helps [:D]

Hi, You could also insert a new flow field in the Item table so this takes the sum of all Item Ledger entries, include the Date Filter, Location FIlter, variant filter etc so you get the desired results. Do not change the Inventory Field to have a date filter as this is used in Many codes where the system always refers to Inventory as current stock.