Inventory and Non-Inventory trading

Hi all,

I am serving to support NAV in a trading company.

Our product are always shipped from Vendor to Customer directly before. We did not care any inventory before. Now we have our inventory and we have to care the inventory. We have to enable COGS account to work with our inventory. The problem is that:

  • We never care the inventory before and “Automatic Cost Posting” was disabled. Now it seems we have to enable this option. But then, the old business will generate many cost posting records to the inventory account. This is not what we want. Can the old process and new process (Automatic Cost Posting enabled) co-exist in Nav?

We are working with Nav 4.0 SP3.



Take a test company and flag it on and run the adjust cost item entry routine, this will answer your question. I have not done it so do not know. I would guess it will pick up current open transactions and not years of history, but then it is NAV so you have to test it.

When it is checked it means it will post the costs associated with transaction during the transaction itself in GL. When u do not have it checked u have to run post cost to GL. Old business transaction in any case will get posted some day or the other. It has nothing to do with the adjustments it is only and only the timing of updating GL . So I would not worry to check that but yeah as Adam suggested I would say do it on test system and see , but it won’t be a difference at all.