Inventory and GL Reconciliation

Hi All

I am Getting the varience of some amount in GL and The Inventory, can anyone help me in reconciliation of the Inventory with GL, how can i check from where the differences are coming. I generate the rconciliation reports from GL but nothing was showing there.

Please help me in, how can i find the varience.


Please verify that report again.

Please ensure to select Differences Only CheckBox and it will display those voucher where you have differences.

Total of Balance - Inventory and Ledger Balance will be different

I already checked these reports, actually i have the difference of 200000 and i only got the amount of 18000.

From where else i can find the varience.

Any suggestions experts

Any Suggestions Experts

Can anyone suggest me how can i track the transactions and get the variances.

It is not something you can really assist with here.

You need to start analysing the entire setup and posting structure, you then need to validate each report run against each asset account, at a fixed point closure with all costs pushed through by the inventory close. Once you find a balance difference you will need to look at every transaction posted to the ledger account to try and see if anything looks funny. Basically you need to spend a lot of time narrowing down the detail of where the differences are and why they are being caused.