inventory Aging Report issue

HI Ax Techies,

Recently i have observed one report i.e. inventory Aging Report in that standard report i have add two fields and i inserted those fields at the time table insertion(Assigning values before super() of Invent agingTmp insert method) upto that i am clear what i have written

but while running report some times showing values and sometimes not showing those values how it is possible

i did n’t write any visual studio expressions for visibility

I am running the report without changing any parameter values

Version Ax2012R3

Why cannot you just debug and see what is happening?

Hi Kranti,

i am running the report with samecontract parameters but it shows different data

ex: Invent Aging Report if i run the report 3 times without changing any values in contract two times it showing similar data and one time it showing another data

Which method you have modified? Can you show us your code?