Inventory Adjustment

Hi All

I have one item which is in two Warehouse W1 and W2:

In W1 it is showing -34

In W2 it is showing 46

As per the date 31 Dec 2011.

Now what i want is, actually we are closing the 2011 inventory, and the above data which i given is as per Dec 2011. i want to transfer the stock from positive value to negative so that the inventory shows 12 instead of these separatelly. When through transfer journal i am trying to do so it is showing the insufficient inventory and showing "22 can not be picked"and can not processes further.

Can u suggest me how can i do this, as the system is checking the current inventory.


So the stock in W2 is not available because something else already has it, you need to remove any related transactions with reservations snf then perform the transfer.

there is no reservation, Actually what i got is on 31 dec 2011 the stock is like that. And now on hand is 12, and i want to transfer 34 from W2 to W1 as we only have the 12 in stock.

And one more thing as if i have 46 in one warehouse and -34 in another and as of now the report show the same data. It should transfer the stock as i am transfering from 46 to -36 an dit will left the 12 in Warehouse.

The check of the movement of stock is made today - if you do not have enough to move today you cannot. Simply put do not do a transfer - create a profit journal and date it in 2011, with one line for the + then write the second off with a different journal, this will be a better approach.

that means i have to raise the inventory by P&L journal. Can u tell me what is the impact of passing the P&L journal in Inventory and finance. As it will increase the inventory ans its value.

one more thing i would like to know, as i have 46 in the stock and i am transfering the -34, still i have the 12 extra why it is not transfering.

There is no impact if you check the costs correctly and understand them, the -ve and +ve will net to zero. Post the negative first, see the cost and run the inventory close to check, then book it in at the same cost.

You do not have 46 in stock today - you said that earlier. It checks stock now, not way in the past, you do not have 46 in stock now so you cannot transfer them - how many do you have in today? If you have 46 then there are other transactions against the item preventing you from taking the stock

No i am sorry, i give you the detail of another item. Actually it get mess with another item, I am sorry.

Actually till now the stock is showing the same as i define in my first post, earlier it was showing “22 can not be picked”. I release the 12 reserved then it is showing “34 can not be picked as 12 is available”.

I think it is showing the net value.

The net value is not relevant on teh transfer journal because you are moving it from W2 to W1, if you were to do a profit and loss and tried to remove 22 from the system and you only checked the physical stock at site and not warehouse level this would be true, but you would need to check your dimension group to ascertain this, but the first step of teh profit and loss would be the positive entry so it would not matter anyway.