Inventory adjustment posting error:

Hi All,

I am trying to post Inventory adjustment in “inventory and warehouse management>journals>inventory adjustment”.

when i validate the journal, it shows “Journal is Ok.” but when i try to post journal, it gives error message as:


when i click edit it goes to AOT>Classes>NumberSeq>newGetVoucherFromId

Can anyone help me in regard to this?

Thanks & Regards


Hi Satya,

You might not mentioned number sequence in the inventory parameters.

Please check.


Hi Satya,

Change the scope of number sequence and try again. This is issue of number sequence


Hi Satya,

Please check Number Sequence of Inventory.

Check it in (setup) > is Manual selected or stopped selected ?

If Manual is selected then it require manual entry of numbers and Number sequences will not generated automatically. AND

If Stopped selected, then it will stop using Number sequence.


Thanks for your reply.

Number sequence journal id is generated for item as in the above screen shoot, i think number sequence creation problem for Vouchers against to that item.