Inventory Adjustment Leftover

Hi there. We have a customer running Navision 3.60 SP2 with some modifications in Inventory Adjustment. Most of them have been widely discussed here in the forum. The system runs smoothly for about 2 years now. Except for the last 2 Months: They run the Inventory Adjustment every month and they never got a problem. But now i got some strange error messages. I took a look around the tables and found some lost reservation entries (Source Type 83, Subtype 2, Source ID emtpy, Source-Ref.No. 0, Batch name emtpy). They were created by the user ADMIN which is exclusively used by us and in very very limited cases (Running Inventory Adj. for example) by the customer. So i guessed that i had made a mess some days ago and left them accidently. I ripped them out. The Inventory adjustment now ran without errors. The month later this situation happend again. Again with ADMIN. And since the Inventory adjustment is alyways run as ADMIN i guess this could be the cause. Has anyone an idea why this could happen? Even if we did not make any change in this area since mid-2004. Greets bye