inventory adjmt. account usage

Dear All,
I can’t find the different and the effect if I use one G/L account no.
for example 121.100.100 for inventory account = inventory account (interim)
= inventory adjmt. account and assigning it to general posting setup and
inventory posting setup. I have tried and tested it in the 2 different databases
with the above setting and different setting.
Kindly you tell me about it. I appreciate your
answer. Tks.


First thing is to understand that although you can use the same account, it is not clear what postings have taken place for each type of entry.
By having different accounts, you can Total them in the chart to get your net figure.
Please try and understand the Cronus setup, it is sometimes a bit obscure but will lead you into the light.
By the way…
Your account codes are interesting, have only seen that format where you needed to have the account+cost centre+department+etc all as part of the Account as in some of the older systems (written in Cobol). Last time I saw that was 10 years ago.
You may want to suggest a 4 or 5 digit Account code with Dimensions and not a multi-segment account code.

Dear old friend,

The account seems old fashioned doesn’t it ? [:)] but it is just example although the format is used the number is different.

As about the account interim = inventory account = inventory adjst acct, I am not finding the answer yet especially the effectwhen I posted sales invoice, order purchase invoice, order and production order. also item journal. If I set purchase account = inventory account interim and inventory account = inventory account interim but inventory adjustment account is not set as same as the inventory account interim. what will be the effect ?


what will be the effect ?

Your accountants will have a nightmare trying to understand and reconcile the accounts [:D]

You probably need to start posting transactions and seeing where the impacts happen on these accounts, and you need to do it and explain it to your accountant - if you start making judgements for them they will have lots of issues with the system, the accountant needs to understand the system and take ownership of the posting groups and ledger structure.

When you did your testing were the transactions in a state of interim? It is difficult to comment as depending upon your structured testing will depend upon what you see, and of course what you really need is to understand the purpose of the accounts and the transactions affecting them, which I do not believe you do. I suggest you set the accounts as you want them, run through some transactions and then get your accountant to define your current position.