Inventdimphys report not showing serial number field


After clicking serial number tick box in parameter dialog,Serial number field is not displaying.


Can someone please help me to solve the issue.

Are there any changes to the standard report?

No i didn’t do any changes to standard report but the serial number field is missing in the Report .
Can you please Explain how these issue can be resolved?

It should print, if no changes are made to the report. Try to debug the related DP (to check the values in inventDimViewContract) and also look at report design on how the field is made visible.

Actually Debugged the entire code and found that serial id value get inserted into the temporary table ,but the issue is, it is not showing at run time of the report.Looked at visible property of field at design node in VS they have just defined an expression stating “=Parameters!ViewInventSerialId.Value = true” .
I think the above expression doesn’t deal with our Issue!!

Have you tried these ?
deleting the report design form the report folder and redeploying it.
Restarting the SSRS service

kranthi can you please explain how to delete the report design from report folder in VS?