I want to create a list of items depending on INVENTDIMCOMBINATION TABLE. But i want to filter on vendor code that the user will select. the vendor code is not there in inventdimcombination table so how i can i link and filter the items list for a particular vendor that user enter.

I have created a form and added 2 databases inventtable and inventdimcombination and link them INNERJOIN. Then i add the filteration on inventtable execute query method for a particular vendor.

Added the fields from inventdimcombination on a grid but it is not allowing me to saving the records.

please help.

Why do you want to have vendor in InventDimCombinations? Can you explain clearly?


The requirement is this;

on the purchase order form i want to place a command button. This button will display the user for the list of items that are linked to the vendor for which this po is generating. The list display all the items for this vendor. Then on this form with each item there is a check box the user can select the item by checking this check box. then the user will click create lines button on this form. The po lines should be created for all the items the user selected.

My problem is that i cannot create the po lines for the items that have the dimensions it is working for the items that does not have the dimension.

You have a functionality called “Apprvoed vendors List” - which comes with the Process Manufacturing.

I won’t suggest you to go for that - for having this functionality.[:)]

The Mandatory Inventory Dimensions are need to be filled for purchase order lines.

So you need to fill the dimension Id in the PurchLine Table.

Either find the default dimensions available in Items master or add the Dimsensions to your form, there by determine the InventDimId - by using InventDim::FindOrCreate method - and insert the same inventDimId value in the PurchLine Table…