InventBatch Table's Data is Deleting Automatically

We are facing some business critical issue in Dynamics AX 2009 inventory closing process. When we run inventory closing for the month of Nov-14, it stops in the middle after giving an exception and InventBatch table’s data also gets deleted for the same company.

The main problem is why the data of InventBatch table data is deleted, we restored the backup of our database in test environment and then copied InventBatch table’s data, then again ran the Inventory Closing process, the InventBatch table’s data again got deleted.

a. No data in InventBatch Table only for the company in which the Inventory closing process is run.

b. No event is recorded on AOS server

c. No event is recorded on Database server

Any one can help in this issue to me.


I don’t see a reason for deletion of batches by closing in standard, check if there is a custom code doing it.

Try to debug the closing process (try by adding a break point to the delete method of the InventBatch table)

If the closing is running in batch,