invalid date format error when log on

When I tried to log on to Axapta after installation, I received this error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] invalid date format. I reinstalled for a few times. I believed I did everything right according to the manual. What is going on? Thanks.

Take a look at “Axapta - Enduser Questions”…

Try Installing SP2. This was the problem in SP1 I have got. But after installing SP2 it works fine. Jagjeet

Hi Jagjeet, When I try to open Navision Axapta 2.5, i get an error: Microsoft(ODBC SQL Server Driver)(Shared Memory). SQL Server doesn’t exist or access defnied… Retry operation also fails. What could be the problem and how to address it? Regards

Hello Mohammad. If you are using base Axapta 2.5 then you’ll have to set your date back to 2001 - say December to be able to start the application. I would do as Jagjeet suggests and load at least SP2 since it fixes the problem. /Michael

Hi Mohammad, Try to have a look on to the Axapta configuration file. If your SQL Server administration or whatever login you are using is blank. Then on ODBC Tab of axapta Configuration Utility. Under Database Password select us this password instead of default password and leave the password field as blank. Cheers Jagjeet