Invalid data container type.

While debug this line “ProdMast = new EcoResEcoResProduct_Product_Distinct();”
i found this error: “Invalid data container type.”
How to solve this?

Maybe if you explain what are you doing and what code exactly throws the error, somebody will help you.

I tried to create a product. i run the code in a server. it works well. no errors. result was as i expected. but when i tried out this in different server i face the above error message “invalid data container type”

Can anyone help me on this? Very puzzle…Why this happens?

Hi Jenny,

You mentioned it works in one server; but doesn’t work in another. If you mean different environment, check whether any changes has been made on this other server.

If it is same environment with two AOS servers, generate full CIL and restart this server.

Yes… different environment…changes on what?

Can you explain to me in more details…i think the current server don’t have proper configuration and setup yet to run the class. But i don’t know which of it causes this error message…

I meant changes around this area (example - changes on EcoResEcoResProduct_Product_Distinct, EcoResProductService etc).

Also since it is a new environment, I would recommend generating full CIL.

Hye Harish,

I compared ready all those classes between two servers. No changes. I tried to run the class to create product this morning. I was able to run it without that error “invalid data container type”. Maybe someone did generate full CIL. I think so. Anyway thanks for the guidance and help :slight_smile: