Invalid attempt to call client running in CIL on the client

Hi All,

This error occurs when the user is attempting to use a batch process that runs on a weekly basis that will save a PDF copy of a report to a specified file location.

I am wanting to know if anyone can provide insight into this issue?

It says that you’re using a client method there, which can’t work, because CIL exist only on server and batch server doesn’t have any client at all.

SrsReportRunPrinter class in my AX 2012 R2 doesn’t contain isXpsDocumentWriter() method. Isn’t it a customization? If it is, you’ll have to fix your code.

Hi Martin ,

We are processing SSRS Report in …That Report is worked in Normal process…But we go for the batch Job Process it shows the above listed Error .In Itemexist() method had some error in code while running the batch Job Process.The Code is attached below.

private static client boolean itemExists(str _itemPath)
    boolean value = false;
    SRSProxy srsProxy;

    if (strLen(_itemPath) > 0)
        srsProxy = SRSProxy::construct();
        value = srsProxy.itemExists(_itemPath);

    return value;

Cristiano, you’re off-topic here, because this thread isn’t about itemExists() at all.

I already explained why client methods can’t be called from CIL. By the way, why did you mark your reply as a suggested answer?