Introductions: Tony

Introductions, what to say here.

Well, I’m 25, been working with Navision since I was 16 back in my home town of Southampton, UK.

Since then I’ve worked on a variety of systems from small 2 users to the hundred’s.

I’ve worked from small Solution centres to Corporates, covering a vast array of business sectors.

I first got qualified in Navision back in 1999 with my NCR, I wonder how many people know what that is these days?

I’ve been around and about this community since at least 2001.

Currently residing in New Zealand, I am currently seeing out my notice period before moving to a new role in Canada in June, which is exciting.

I remember the days Navision Databases would fit on a flash drive, to now with huge clustered SQL Boxes with SANS and Navision over WANS, and particularly Nav 5.1.

I have to admit that had the change not come to 5.1 I would have been looking at changing career paths, but with the onset of new technology the future of Navision is brighter than ever, and I look forward to brining in that new era.

Long may Navision and this outstanding community continue.

Quite a history. Looks like a bright future lies ahead for you. Enjoy Canada. Which side by the way?

Actually somewhere I have an original set of Navision Financials Installation FLOPPIES !!!