This is Manoj from Edmonton. Our organization recently implemented NAV 5.0 …but we are filling really High & Dry because general perception is NAV is not user friendly as other ERP solution are.

I am not here for looking for Programming aspect rather user aspects of NAV so that NAV facilitate better “Manufacturing” information management



Hi Manoj, and welcome to The Dynamics User Group.

Actually Navision is generally considered as one of THE most user friendly ERP applications out there. If you find the opposite, then I think its an expectation issue with how the product was sold and delivered by your Navision partner.

Anyway this is the introductions forum, so don’'t reply here, but how about starting a thread in Dynamics NAV / Navision - Beginners Forum and lets us know some of the issues you have.

Hi Manoj

Welcome to the forum.

I am sorry to hear you have had such a badly implemented project to believe NAV is not user friendly. Hopefully through this forum we can restore some faith back.

Hi David

I may be wrong about user-friendliness. However my struggle as end-user is that i am not able to find following information using “Nav Help” as suggested by our Implementor

Dictionary which explains the terms used by NAV e.g. “Directed Put-away” stands for what

In inventory items, some of the item is BOM - How can i pull these in listed format which includes part no and all bom’s

May be our implementor does not provided proper documentation to do simple tasks like above.



As a customer your partner “should” have given you access to customersource, if not get it. From here you can download all of the associated manuals, although F1 will tell you about directed putaway at a base help level. There is however no glossary of terms.

Your partner should have gone through all this in training, and during th esales phase they should have explained all the processes to implement Navision and the costs.

If they come back now and say “its not in the budget” then ask them why? If they cut costs just to make a sale, then I would demand all the training from them for free.