Introduction: Veronica


My name is Veronica and I’m based in Tauranga. New Zealand. I’ve been a Navision developer for about 6 years and work for a large New Zealand-wide IT company… previously I supported IBM software and developed in RPGLE.

I’ve been a member for about 10 minutes and have already found the answer to a question that I had!

Thanks for what looks to be a very useful user group.



Welcome, I happy that this community could whelp you. [:-)]

Welcome Veronica, glad to see that The Dynamics User Group has been of help to you.

Any questions, ask away. [:D]

Dear Veronica,

Thank you for your introduction. It’s always wonderful to read a little more about our members…

And thank you very much for this comment. We can see in the stats of this website that there are hundreds and hundreds of users like you, who come here, use the search functionality and find their answer, but we never hear about them and who they are. Often we can see that there are over 300 online guests, but only 5-10 members logged in… I would be nice to see them as a member also…

We like to see this website more as a user community than a traditional website - a place where you go to find answers to your issues with the systems, but you keep staying here, because you like the people and the atmosphare.