Introduction: Tino Ruijs


I was born and raised in Heeswijk-Dinther, a small village in Brabant, the Netherlands. And that’s were I still live now with my wife and two children. [:)]

I studied business administration at a technical university in Den Bosch. During that study I had 3 internships (prefab concrete plant, exhibition builder, plant automation) where I worked a lot with Excel. After my study I started to work at a webdesigner. It was a small company with only 6 employees. After half a year I had to leave the company because of the giant dip the internet-business was in that days. We had to compete with a lot of mainly young guys who could make a website for the money we had to charge per hour. [:(]
Next I worked as a developer/consultant for a software company who had their own products. Unfortunatly after two years together with some other colleagues we were fired because the company sold not enough products. Another dip… [:(]

After that a couple of weeks of unemployment and a couple of months work at the exhibition builders. Then came my first introduction to Navision (“The way to grow” [:D]).

My first introduction with Navision was at an end user ( When I started working there, they had just implemented Navision 3.6. Before that the sales department worked with 2.0. My first assignment was to implement this 2.0-version at the sales department of a company within the same controlling company as we had. After that I started developing in Navision 3.6. Besides that I sometimes developed in Navision 2.6 which was used by the production company. After working two years for that end user I started as a freelance Navision Developer. I like the job a lot. I’m independent, see more of Navision and meet a lot of people in a lot of companies.

When I’m not working I like to spend time with my wife and children, wacth movies, play soccer in a gym (futsal), mountainbike, listen to music and going to concerts.

Hi Tino,

Thank you for your intro!

We now only miss a little over 26600 introductions! [;)]

Hallo Tino,

Je kent me nog niet maar ik ben Patrick van Diepen. Ik ga me bij Macek Technika bezighouden met de implementatie van Navision. Ik heb een IT achtergrond ik ben werkzaam geweest als systeembeheerder en webdesigner. Ik hoop dat we een beetje kunnen samenwerken Tino Hugo zal met jou een afspraak plannen tot snel.