Introduction: Simon Bens, Roeser Medical

My name is Simon Bens i started to work with Navision in 2000 when i worked for a nsc in germany. In 2004 I switched to Roeser Medical in Muelheim, Germany. The company is a large reseller for medical products. My main function at the moment is to increase performance and implement new projects. In the Navision division are working four employees. We have 250 users licensed where approx.150 users are working at the same time. The database is 95 GB where 85 GB are used. The databasi is running on SQL. The database version is 2.60 technically we use 3.70 HF12. In the database we have 16 companies, with 2 highly frequent used companies. The companies are all working local (Germany). We use (Standard) GL, Sales, Purchase, Fixed Assets, Relationship Management, Inventory, Resources, Jobs, Human Resources. Additionally we have some German specific addons: Payments, Warehouse Management, Payroll, Cost Accounting. We have some special features such as MDE (Miniform Management), XML document exchange and bins and bin content entries.