Introduction Ogwen Evans

Hello All, I am an IT Projects Manager working for S. A. Brain, a Regional Brewer based in Wales. We are currently implementing Navison V 4.0 on SQL, we are planning to use all modules except Human Resources - although CRM, Manufacturing and Service Management will follow in a later phase. Our go live date is July 4th so as you can imagine we are in the tick of it at the moment. We will have a user base of 100 of which 80+ will be concurrent. We have concerns over database size and from the other introductions I can see that our concerns are probably valid. Our MBS partner is customising Navision for the Brewing Industry and we are currently busy testing releases, planning and document training etc. Any tips, hints, lessons learnt and go-live advice that you have - please send my way. Look forward to contributing to this forum although I may be seeking advise more than helping, for a little while at least!!!

Welcome Ogwen, Can I suggest that you pay particluar attention to how the custom code is added. Make sure that it is clearly identified (if embedded) to enable your future upgrades to be as simple as possible. As usual make sure the users know how to do things the Navision way and if they don’t, be sure they know to ask how to do something before trying short cuts. If your transactions are small (not more than 50 lines per order) it appears that throughput problems will be minimal. Normalise the use of custom indexes. Best wishes for your go live date. Rob