Introduction: Erik Ernst, GN Store Nord/GN Netcom

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Erik Ernst. I’ve worked with Navision since 1990. Until 2003 for various companies in Denmark and in the USA. I’ve been with solution centers, I had my own solution center and I’ve been freelancing. Since 2003 I’ve been working as the Global Systems Architect in the GN Netcom/Mobile division of GN Store Nord, a company listed on the stock exchange in Copenhagen, founded in 1869. We manufacture and sell headsets for call center/office usages (GN Netcom) and for mobile/cell phone usage (GN Mobile/Jabra). Our other major division is GN ReSound (hearing aids). Our Navision solution (my division only) has approx. 750 users world wide with 300 in Europe, 150 in Asia/Pacific and 200 in the USA/Canada. We have 20 companies in 14 countries and physically 4 databases. We manage all our projects in-house. We have our own consultants, but buys development services from misc. solution centers and freelancers. We have no partner in the normal way, but uses different partners from project to project (depending on skills and availablity). The key of our solution is our Global Supply Chain - a setup based on a hub and spooke solution to transfer items and sales/purchase documents. It’s created using Sonic MQ and JMS (Java Messaging System). We use basically all Navision modules, from Manufactoring to Payment Management.