Introducing: waldo (Eric Wauters)

I’m a 30-year-old (oh my god … 30 already???) NAV addict, who set his first steps into NAV development in 2001. I was not impressed. What’s that notepad about? What’s that IDE about? Oh my god … give me back my Visual Studio .NET Beta 1 Confused.

You know the story. Hey, let’s first sell NAV, then let my people do it, then train them to do it, then invest in experienced people to do it right. Same story with my former company … only I was one of the victims … I was the untrained employee. It was a very hard time. But luckily I found some help at the local “Navision belgium” office and an old classmate that had some consultancy experience with navision attain. My first project was one that went about 50 days over budget … but is still running Smile. OK, this doesn’t put me really in a good daylight, but hey … I knew at least how NOT to do it.

With that knowledge (and a grown trust in the product), I had the opportunity to start an own company, together with an experienced NAV consultant and a mother company with very good reputation. I guess I was a lucky person on the right place on the right time. December 2002 we started off as a NAV group at Cronos, and in April 2004, we started off being an independant company (still a daughter company of Cronos). We named our child: iFacto. Since then, we’ve grown to a 26 headed company of all experienced and motivated consultants … and MAN I’m proud.

Over the years my trust grew into interest … and interest grew into addiction. All I hated about the IDE … I love now about it. I started posting in December 2002 on mibuso … found my way to DynamicsUsers in January 2007. I read a lot on these sites, ones in a while I’m capable to help someone out - and that keeps you alert. It’s also a way of keeping ahead of things, to keep being informed … and it works for me to do my job (being a development coordinator at iFacto).

1st of April 2007, Microsoft rewarded me with the MVP award. It’s difficult to tell you how this made me feel. I know a few MVP’s and I always admired their knowledge and dedication to the product. I’m honored to be one of them now Smile. I’ll do my best to be a worthy part of this select group of experts.

Kind regards,

Eric Wauters

Sorry, but I coppied this text from my blog…

You’re getting old. … ahum …[:D]

And now you’re an MVP!

Ok, correction of my previous comment : it was for April’s fool day! [:D][:D][:D]