Introducing item tracking on existing item

Dear Gurus, I need your expert comments on the following issue: I wish to introduce item tracking to an existing item in a navision 3.7 database up and running. Following is the plan to do that: 1. Flush out all inventory via -ve adjustment and fixed application. 2. Adjust cost and post cost to general ledger 3. Delete item ledger entries for that item 4. setup for item tracking on the item card 5. +ve adjust the inventory with serial/lot nos. I am not able to visualise any problem that will crop up in future. Thanks in advance Devinder Sareen, CPIM


Originally posted by prem
… 3. Delete item ledger entries for that item …

I don’t see any reason for this step. If they are all closed (Open = False, rather than just 0 total inventory), you should be able to leave them there. It will save headaches in the future. [:D] Otherwise, the steps look correct. As I said above, make sure the Open flag is off for each item ledger entry.

And make sure You don’t have anything shipped but not invoiced

Thanks for your comments/guidance, yes tested again, must have left some open entries, definitely i dont need to delete item ledger entries if all entries are closed. Thanks once again.