Introducing: Daniel Rimmelzwaan

Hi, my name is Daniel Rimmelzwaan [:)]. I was born in Den Haag in Holland in 1969, raised mostly around Rotterdam (which I consider my home town), got married to an American girl in 1999 and moved there two days after I got my green card, in november of 1999.

I hold a bachelor degree in Business Economics, which I received at the Haagse Hogeschool in Den Haag. Despite resistance on my part (my dad was in the software business and I wanted to make my own mark in the world) I ended up in software after all. First as a system admin at a large insurance company in Holland, and that is when I got involved in process redesign, application maintenance, gathering requirements and software selection. From there I did a 7 month stint as a Cool:GEN developer (which I did not like at all, mostly because of my employer’s broken promises). Then I worked for my dad as a MS Access/VBA developer right up to when I moved to the States.

My introduction to Navision came when I was looking for my first job in the States, and was lured into this company with the promise to meet ‘the VB recruiter’. As I realised that there was no VB at this company, what they really wanted me to do was be a Navisoin developer, I figured I had to make a living one way or another, and I could always look further if I didn’t like it, and accepted the job as a Navision developer, in March of 2000. Navision had just come out with 2.5 (at least that was the version I was trained on), and my first billable work was a few hours into my first day, debugging a batch process for some error message. More than 7 years later I am still at the same company, still working with NAV, and still enjoying it very much.

At some time in 2003 I think it was, I coincidentally stumbled onto mibuso while researching something, and soon thereafter also ran into mbsonline. I started posting the odd message here and there, and was bitten by the bug soon after that, mostly because I was helped a LOT with other products, and I figured that helping out in a community for a product that I know, I could return the favor, somewhat in a ‘pay it forward’ sense. Then, on July 1st, 2005 I received the MVP award for my contributions to the online community, and this was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise. I knew about the award from my questions about other products in other forums, but never thought about getting one myself, as I did not consider myself to be ‘in that league’.

I’ll come back to this post for updates, feel free to send me a PM (not for NAV questions though [;)]).