Intro: Kim M. Larsen, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

I am Global Project responsible at Ferring Pharmaceuticals. FErring produce and sell Pharmaceuticals. Our Navision project is a global roll-out to 30 different countries all running a centralised solution (using Citrix) and same code 3.60 W1. We are currently in following countries: DK, FI, NO, SE, DE, UK, IE, ES, PT, NL, BE, KR, HK, AU, CA, US and continuing to AR, BR, MX, IT, FR SA, TW. Today approx 300 users with 100 concurrent due to different timezones etc. We are just upgrading to 3.70B. We have used partner i the beginning of the rollouts but manage them internally today. We still have contact to different partners. We will not be using CRM and HR. At some of our local minor production facilities we expect to use Navision in the future.