Intransit location

can we convert all (having thousands of lines) qty & value to zero standing on intransit location without having impact on transfer from or transfer to location?

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Can you be more clear what you required.

I want to finish all the qty and their value (by converting it into zero all at once) and don’t want their impact anywhere.

It would be just like finishing/vanishing the intransit location once and restarting it again.

I want the this treatment for all lines of intransit at once, don’t want to go line by line if any such solution is available…

First Of All I would suggest try to dig out why inventory is showing in Intransit location?

Is there any Transfer order is not received by concern location ? If yes then why it is not received?

You can vanishes the Intransit location they you need to pass negative adjustment but of course it will impact on Profit & Loss because it will hit your Inventory Adjustment account.

Try to consult with your Account person before wipping out the intransit location