Internal Transfer

Dear All,

Recently we have requirement where we want to transfer item from one department to another department can this be possible.

now we have division, department created and financial dimension are also created which is reflecting the department example is below.

Div Dept Financial Dimension

Fresh Food Fruit and Veg Fruit & Veg

Home Center Electronic Electronic

Home Center Electrical Electrical

now there is one item which is power extension which is in electronic department and in Store, now i want to transfer this item from Electronic Department to Fruit & Veg department as they will consume internally but in same Store.

so how we can achieve this requirement any suggestion.

Have you tried using transfer journal available in inventory management module?


Hi pranav,

thanks for your reply.

the use of transfer journal is the simple form of transfer order which we use for warehouse purpose.

were we ship some item from warehouse a to warehouse b.

so this is not the one which we are looking for.

As department you mentioned are financial dimensions but not storage dimensions, you cannot transfer them. Transfer can happen only between the storage dimensions. May be you can define them as locations and can also setup accordingly. While consuming the item through movement journal, update the department in financial dimension in that journal and post.

  • Elmer