Internal Error with Dataport

Hi! I’ve designed a Dataport to export some records of a table into a textfile. If the number of records is small, e.g. < 30 then everything is ok. But exporting the whole tabledata gives an internal error 4 at module 42. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance Frank

This error is related to assigning a too long text to a variable in a dataport. Usually this happens when importing with a dataport, but perhaps you are building up some strings? It even happened to us when an import was done to a field that was designed to be large enough, but consequently generated this error when the import was 80 characters or more. John

Thanks for your answer John. Building up a string was my first thought, too. But I don’t use any self-programmed code in this dataport. It has something to do with the primary key of the table. The sum of the length of the values of all fields of the primary key should not be greater than 80. As i changed the primary key of the table the dataport worked correctly. Greetings, Frank

Frank, you’re right about the length of the exported tables primary key. One way to avoid this Navision Error is to set the dataports property ShowStatus to No. When running a dataport, you can see the progress of the export in the dialog that is opened when running the dataport. If the length of the fields in the primary key is longer than 80. You will get an error, as the text in the status bar doesn’t handle this. Hope this helps you,

Hi Soren, that’s it. Thanks a lot!!! Greetings, Frank