Internal Error, once again

Hi All, i want to design a report with 50 dataitems. When i want to save the report an error occurs: Internal Error 1 on Module 43. I’ve searched in this forum for it, but all entries and lists i have found do not contain this combination. Can anyone help me, please? What i really want to do is to call two reports, the second directly after the first one. The first one with requestform, the second one without. All filters and the number of copies are passed to the second report. The big problem is, if the user chooses the screenview in the requestform, the second report does not know about it and goes to the printer. So i want to put all dataitems in one report. But… :frowning: Does anyone have a solution for it? Oh…the two reports are nearly the same, all Dataitems are equal, only the sections are different! Many thanks in advance!!! Greetings, Frank

Hey Frank, i’ve got a lot of error messages in the past, but not yours yet. But - why don’t you create a report, that contains no dataitem and queries every dataitem by code, written in the OnPreReport-Trigger ? Maybe some effort to create, but it won’t show you the message. I had to create a report with about 40 dataitems, which are all used in functions or Triggers. It runs fine. Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

Hi Frank, this error could have shown up, because there was a data-item with a name longer than 30 characters. Check that out. Regards, Richard

Thanks for ypur answers, i don’t know why the error occurs, but i have solved the problem with designing the report. Because all dataitems are equal in the two reports, i put another dataitem, record integer, into one in order to loop twice through the report. In case of the number i show several sections. This works and no error accurs. Greetings to all, Frank

Hi Richard, I’ve tested it and that’s it. Thanks again, Frank