Internal Error Module Listing

Every time you get an “Internal Error” Navision displays a
Module number, that tells you a little more what the error is due to:

1 Operating System
5 Trees (keyed index trees)
9 Type
11 Attributes
15 Stack Manager
17 File
18 Large Fixed Decimal Numbers
19 Database
24 MiniTree
25 Help Lookup
27 OIO (backup and restore?)
30 Presentation Object Manager
35 OCX
36 OCX Type
40 RunTime
41 Evaluation
42 Format
45 String
46 Date
47 Text Conversion
50 Binary Coded Decimal (Decimal No.)
60 UA (The connection between the Database and Forms)
61 UA_Control (Controls use in the connection between the Database and Forms)
70 Application Object
71 Report Object
77 Dataport Object
80 Execute External Program
81 Form Object
101 AL_Run (C/AL Stack Machine Interpreter)
102 C/AL (compiler and editors)
103 Codeunits
110 Data Manager
111 Wizards
112 Printer Driver
160 License File
165 unknown (fields?)
169 Binary Object Import/Export
200 Development System
243 NetBIOS
244 TCP/IP
500 TAB

Is this the hole list? I am looking for Module 48, which I have seen in some error-messages. E.G. “Internal Error 2 in module 48”.

? I’ve never heard of Module 48 and have nothing new to add to your topic Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Hello. Here’s what I know about this error. Prior to version 1.2 you could get this error if you have more than 13 fields in one key. The module is the ZUP module. One possiblility, therefore, is to rename the ZUP file to something else, as it may be corrupt. The error definition is: #Err_Zup_PutDataSize (Module_Zup,Err_Fatal(2)). If the user is on pre version 1.20, you should upgrade them. Michael

Does this topic match “Error nnn in Module mmm” by Marcus Fabian, posted 2001 Jan 07 : 01:05:23 ? Regards, Henrik Kraglund


Has anyone encountered this error? Internal Error 10 in module 34. As mentioned in this post.

It means 34-10 Err_CN_Last 10.

Do you have any idea what this means? I was just entering data in the Service Order form when this error appeared.

Looking forward to your response.