Internal error 4 in module 34

Several times per day the users get this error and Navision closes. I know the topic match “Error nnn in Module mmm” by Marcus Fabian. This says ‘34-4 Err_CN_UnregisterClass, 4’, but wat does that mean. We are running Navision 4.0 The specs are: Error Class=Exception Program=Navision ( Operating System=Windows 2000 (5.0.2195) Total Physical memory=2047MB Used Virtual Memory=182MB System Locale=1043 User Locale=1043 Global Language=1043 Code Pages=ANSI 1252 OEM 850 Database size 2 Gb We also have Navision 3.60 installed on this machine. (Database is upgraded from 3.60 to 4.0) If somebody has some idees what the problem could be, please repond.

This is an issue that will be fixed in a 4.0 hotfix, soon (meaning January most likely). It refers to the inability of Navision to unregister a windows class at shutdown.