Internal Error 4 in Module 34

Hi, We have a database running on Windows Server 2003, SQL Server and Terminal Server. Occasionally people get the error Internal Error 4 in Module 34 when they close their Navision client. The database does contain customisations and add-ons. Any ideas where to look for ? Or how to put your finger on this issue ? Thanks, Bye.

You don’t mention a version but this issue will be fixed in a comming update to 3.70B.

Hi, Where do you get that info ? We are now on 370A. Is this internal error a known error ? Bye, Gunther

It is known in that other users also have this error, and it is caused by Navision failing to unregister a windows class when closing.

Ok, but I now have a copy of the release notes of 370B, and it does not mention anything about that or am I overlooking that ? Thx, Gunther

No, it will be fixed in an update of 3.70B - that is it will appear as part of fixes after 3.70B but it is not in 3.70B.

Hi Robert, Is the fix allready available? Is it enough to (technically) update the clients? Thank you Daniel Zimmermann

Yes, sorry I should have remembered this post. Take a look at: I hope it helps.