Internal error 33 in module 35 - NASSQL Version 4 SP2 Debugging

Hi, I am getting an error “Internal error 33 in module 35” when trying to process an XML message from MSMQ.

I tried to run the NAS Debug with the following parameter:

nassql debug,startupparameter=xxx,servername=yyyy,database=zzzz,company=bbbb

And the debugger starts as it should, but I woul like it start with Breakpoint on Triggers turned off and only the debugger part turned on so I can see exactly where my error is happening.

Does anyone know how this can be done, and more importantly does anyone recognise the error?

Thanks [:)]

Found the cause of the error (after step through each breakpoint):

Interop.MSXML2.dll was the incorrect version, replaced and compiled it and my error went away.

Still would be nice to figure out how to control the breakpoints though [:D]

You can turn breakpoint at triggers off as soon as the debugger starts, and then hit F5. It should then only break when it runs into an error.

This seems to do the trick - better than F8. Thanks.

yeah no doubt, especially if it goes into a posting routine :slight_smile: