Internal Error 2 in Module 10

Anyone know what Module 10 is? It doesn’t appear on the list posted in this forum.

10 2 #Err_Tab_PlacTooBig (Module_Tab,Err_Fatal(2)) download the error list

I have a customer there one user get Error 2 in Module 10 when Esc to close Windows. #Err_Tab_PlacTooBig (Module_Tab,Err_Fatal(2)) don’t say me very much. Any one having a glue?

Does this still happen when you reinstall the client?


Does this still happen when you reinstall the client?
Originally posted by jimiti - 2004 Dec 14 : 14:44:50

It´s seems to solve the problem [:)]

I get the same error and have now tried to reinstall the client 2 times but I’m still getting the error. Does anyone have more information on this?

I actually just got this information per email: RESOLUTION To resolve this problem, delete or rename the ZUP file on the machine that is receiving the error. If this action does not resolve theproblem, the error may be caused by a formatting problem or by a memory problem in the workstation. If deleting or renaming the the ZUP file does not resolve the problem, follow these steps: 1. Remove the Navision program. 2. Delete all the remaining files. 3. Reinstall the program. To me it worked just to removed the ZUP file…