Internal error 19 in module 100

Hi. Many of our customers use image scanning of vendor invoices. Some have problem when viewing them. What we do is to export a pdf from a blob in a table to the folder given by ENVIRON(‘TMP’). Then we do HYPERLINK([filename]) to view the invoice in Acrobat Reader. This is never a problem if You do it from a card form. But when hyperlinking from a list form the list is often closed with an error message “Internal error…” and the pdf is shown in Acrobat. When You close Acrobat and come back to Navision You see the error message. This only happens in list forms. It occurs in varions versions of Navision all the way up to 3.60 SP17. It occurs on various platforms (Win98, w2k, XP, Citrix, WTS). The only pattern I see is the list form. It also seems as once a client has gotten this error it repeats more frequently. It’s no change if I delete the zup-file. It’s also no permission problem in Navision or the file system. And for last: We have not been able to reproduce it repediatley. We have a work around to open a cardform from the list form and in that forms OnOpenForm do the hyperlink. It isn’t pretty when the dummy card form opens and closes in a matter of milliseconds, but it works. Fun isn’t it[xx(]! Is there anyoen who has an idea what the problem might be? /Lars

Not sure what the problem may be, but why don’t you use Matriks Doc?

Why pay license for Matriks when it’s only a matter och importing, exporting and viewing a file. There’s no reason for that when it’s so simple tasks that we perform. Matriks is great when it comes to generic document management in the whole system and for templates. //Lars