Internal Error 1355 in Module 19

I was just curious if anyone else has received this error message? It only happens in credit memo’s and appears right after manually going into the unit price field and changing it. Doesn’t happen all the time and hard to reproduce if you’re trying

I was sent a fin.exe hot fix (11/21/2002) but doesn’t seem to do the job. Just wondering what else was wrong that this hot fix fixed? VER Nav 3.60

Hi, First of all here’s a link to a file that contains some error descriptions: The descriptions are not that clear but 1355 in module is something like “DBM Not Reentrant”. I’ve read somewhere that it occures when there’s little room free in your DB but I’m not sure about that. [edit: some more info] 13/06/2002 : Error 1355 in module 19: Err_DB_DBMNotReentrant, which means that another thread tries to call the server while it is processing the same function. This can also happen if for example an Virusscanner or Backup programm has locked the database. Maybe you can take a look at that. There are several public requests in the support database reffering to this error message, (search on “error 1355” and “module19”) fe: [/edit] There is a fix for this in hotfix 9 for Navision 3.60, maybe it’s more than just replacing the fin.exe!!

Thanks for the link!

We had also this problem, when a customer of us changed the “unit price” of a sales order or invoice then sometimes this error 1355 occured. The problem is the GetCaptionClass function in the CaptionClass property of the field “Unit Price” in the Sales Line table. Clearing this property was the solution for us, so clear this or let it do by your NSC. The error only occurs when the Navision Database Server is severe loaded (someone else is posting or many users are busy).

I got this error only for one customer. This problem according to documentation is corrected in Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision 3.70. I could not find any solution that can prevent this error in Navision Attain 3.10, don’t know about 3.60.