Internal error 1355 in module 19

I use Navision version 3.01B Hotfix(Navision Server) on Windows2000 server. I got the error message during preview report and my Navision hang. Please see the full error message below: “Internal error 1355 in module 19 Contact your dealer if you need assistance” How do i solve these problem?

The error means : Err_DB_SuperGroupNoInsDelMod DB_Err(1335) will send u detailed information later… Lakshmi Valluru

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Talking about this… Is a list of these “internal errors” and their meanings available somewhere?

Yes - in the “Attain/Financials Errors Etc.” forum

I had the same error. It was fixed by adding more space to the TEMPPATH destination. Make sure that you have approx. as much free space as the size of your database.