"Internal Error 1355 in Module 19" While Restoring Native DB

Hi, Appreciate anyone’s help with the above error.

We are running Native DB with NAV 5.0 SP1 in a server with MS Win 2003 Server R2 Std Edn SP1. OS in C Drive with 70GB free out of 90GB. DB in D drive with 150GB free out of 200GB. The purpose is to increase the DB size from 26GB to 30GB due to high data occupancy (86%). Has done the following:-

a) backup the db in 3 files of .fbk format.

b) stop the “Data Director” and “Transaction Server” services. [server is connected to POS systems in the Store]

c) Create the new DB with 30GB and restore.

d) While creating keys for “Transaction Sales Entries…”, the error occurred.

Note the steps were done when there were no activities or schedulers running from the server.


I’ve only seen that error when the system is really busy.

if your d drive has 50gb used and your DB is only 26 - then what else is taking all that space?

Are you running more things on your server than just the database? What’s your Raid setup?

You need more drives. That’s too much on one spindle.

As a short term fix try deleted secondary keys on the big tables like Trans Sales Header and put them back after the restore.

Hi Savatage,

Thanks for the reply. After taking out backup copies of DB in D drive, it is now occupying 29GB of space of which 3GB are miscelaneous files.

The Store DB normally receives sales data from POS during operating hours (8am to 10pm) by Transaction Server service. Also Promotions, SKu price changes, etc are pushed to the DB from HQ after store closes and likewise, sales are pushed to HQ every hour through Data Director service. But, as I said, I only did the restore during wee hours in the morning when there isn’t any activity going on and I have also stopped both the TS and DD services.

We have 4x160GB 3.5" 7.2k rpm disks with RAID5 of which drives C,D and E are allocated with 90GB, 208gb and 148GB respectively. C is for OS, D is for DB and E is for backups and misc.


this type of error occurs when my system is very busy…

this type of error occur when system is very busy…

I’m a believer in raid 1 setup. There has been many discussions over the years about the use of raid 5.

We have 12 drives set up as raid 1-1 for os and database split on the other 5. I like the redundecy and I feel safer when it comes to data corruption.


I’ll also take 15k over 7.2k any day :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply. Because we are the end users and we do not have the license to amend, I don’t think we can delete secondary keys as suggested. As for the drives, from what I have wriiten to Savatage (Henry) with RAID 5 for drives C, D and E and the space, do you think is still insufficient?


At the end of the day you can set your server up however you like. I was was just saying that’s not how I would have mine. And you are the one having performance problems. Because I’ve only seen that error on heavy disk usage.

As for keys. Tools->Object Designer->Table->“Pick a table”->Design->View->Keys

There should be a column called Enable where you should be able to turn on & off keys.

As for the Raid Five discussion - you can make your own decision.


You’ve taken all your drives and combined them and now are assigning chuncks of it to do different things.
If it was just for the database then that might be a different discussion but I’m guessing your server does more that just handle your Nav database.

Then contact your partner and have them do it.

No. Definitely not.