Internal error 1355 in module 19 problem when change routing status from certified to under development

Dear All,
When I want to change the status of routing from certified to under development, Navision 4.0 sp2 can’t work and create a message says “internal error 1355 in module 19”. Error detail is:
Event type: Naivsioninternalerror P1 : navision P2:
P3 : 1355 P4 : 19

Error report contents:
D:\Documents and Settings\data\Application Data\navinfo.txt

What should be the solution for the problem…? Any answers from you are expected so much.


Navision comes out with SP2, there is usually issues. Try to find the FIX log that comes with the SP1 and then SP2. They may stat that it will get corrected soon and found later on.

By the way, did you try this in the CRONUS version?

Did you try to create a new routing from scratch, change it to certified than back to Underdevelopment?

Below is the coding that is occurring in SP1, compare it to SP2 and see if it helps.

Status - OnValidate()
IF (Status <> xRec.Status) AND (Status = Status::Certified) THEN

IF Status = Status::Closed THEN BEGIN
RtngVersion.SETRANGE(“Routing No.”,“No.”);
Status := xRec.Status;

Hi MrGM,

The error 1355 in module 19 is a DB_Reenterant error.

In laymans terms. A request is sent to the DBMS, the system does not respond at all, so another request is sent to the DBMS. At which point the DBMS says, hang on, I have this same thread already. And aborts the whole thing.

If the SP1 Vs SP2 does not work, then try lowering the cache for this process and see if that fixes it. By lowering the cache you force the DBMS to return a time-out sooner.

I had the same problem importing an object, it was building huge keys (not mine!) and lowering the cache fixed it.

Hope that helps.

Please be sure to let us know if you fix the problem or not.



Dear Tony,

Tks for your answer. I am currently facing the problem again eventhough I have lowered the chache (reduced 2000 kb from their original sizes. I click don’t send button, there will come another windows said Internal error 1355 in module 19 Contact your dealer…etc.etc…

I’ve got to turn off my computer if it always appears. I can’t then change the status of routing from certified to underdevelopement if I need to revise my routing.

I am very dissappointing of this problem



This error was a big problem for us back in 3.10. some hotfixes knocked it down in 3.6 but still showed sometimes. I thought it was fixed in 3.7 and it’s strange to see you haveing it in ver 4.

Search the old site for 1355 for 2 pages of posts on it.

Maybe one can point you in the right direction.

you can also search for “1355”

here’s an old post - maybe you have some similar setup causing the problem

Hope it helps