Internal Error 1312 in Module 19

Hi, I have an issue attempting to restore a 3Gb (approx) Navision Backup (.fbk) file into a new database. The machine is running Win2000 Server (256Mb RAM) and the database (and client) version is 2.60. The backup will begin with the loading of data (as per usual) and the machine will freeze somewhere after about 40-50% of data loaded. Sometimes it simply stops and the process must be killed and sometimes it stops and displays the error … “Internal Error 1312 in Module 19”. I have reviewed the full listing of Internal Errors provided by Fabian (dated 2001) but the 1312 error is not listed. I am having to continue the restore from my laptop across the network, which (so far) is continuing, albeit very slowly. I am therefore assuming the error has something to do with TEMP/TMP space or memory. The PartnerGuide has been of no use as there are only 2 postings regarding this error. One says to “check the server configuration” (thanks, that’s useful) and the other was opened at End-Sept and is in progress. Can anyone please provide any information regarding the source of this error and possible solutions. Thanks, Regards, Pete.

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The error is identified as : Err_DB_SlaveNotStarting. It happens when the DBMS wants to load the slave process and that fails to initialize properly within a given timeframe. //Kalman

Hi Alefnull, Thanks for the information. Do you know of any way I can solve this problem ? Are there any server parameters I can modify ?