Internal Error 1096 in Module 19

Greetings to all Experts,

I am exporting all the objects from Navision 4.0 SP1 customized database (i need to upgrade it to 2009 SP1 thats why).

I am getting this error: Internal Error 1096 in Module 19 when the export is over, though not a single object is exported.

I tried to export object by object types. I mean first i export tables, then forms and finally in reports i got this error.

I google this error and it takes me to and description is written that I am not able to understand (description is just below)

Internal Error 1096 in Module 19, :: 19-1096 #Err_DB_Filter_InvalidOpKode DB_Err(1096)

Please, can anyone tell me what this description wants to describe about the internal error.

And, how can I find the report which is the reason for this error.


(Note: I don’t know if Bold characters describe any rude behavior or urgency, so please forgive me if its so…)

The error is related to your database.

You should check if your windows event log is recording this. Often it is.

My guess is that you somehow have a corrupt report object in the database.The only way to find the report is to try one by one to export them. But I’m am sure it’s one of the modified reports.

Can you create a full NAV backup? Maybe try that and import the object in a NAV 2009 database before you export them.

Btw. remember when you are doing an upgrade, if you are doing source code compare, then all three compare versions could be exported from the same client version. Otherwise you will get differences other than actual code changes. So maybe you should copy the database and see if you can export the objects with the NAV 2009 client?