Internal Error 1, Module 5 and Internal Error 2, 7

We went through the drama of upgrading to 4.00 improvement 1 SQL Navision Navigator. After a day or two we figured out why we were having so many security issues and we had to add everyone to db_owner. Now we have another problem: A majority of the time we close Navision and sometimes when we just close a form we get the following errors: Internal error 1 in Module 5. Contact your dealer if you need assistance. This is then followed by: Internal error 2 in Module 7. Contact your dealer if you need assistance. What can be done to fix this? Again, we’re using the SQL version of Navision Navigator, 4.00 improvement 1.

I had this same problem recently after upgrading our add-on product to 4.00. I am using the Navision database not SQL and only got the problem when closing Navision. I tracked it down to modifications in codeunit 1. I had implemented an additional caption class by making a call to a function in another codeunit from the CaptionClassTranslate function. My external codeunit was declared globally in codeunit 1 and once I made it local to CaptionClassTranslate the problem went away.

Internal error 1 in module 5 means #Err_BT_AllReadyExist (Module_BT,Err_Fatal(1)) About error 2 in 7 I can’t say any usefull.

Well, you dont need everyone being a member of db_owner - you need to set up the Navision security correctly for version 4.0 because it is stricter than 3.70. Search for related discussions on the forum which by now has covered everything I think. BT_Already exists may be .zup file related. Have you tried deleting it?. Error 2 in 7 is a multi-language module that is not in use. Do you get these problems on all clients?