Internal error 1 in module 43

Hello, Does anybody by chance know what does “Internal error 1 in module 43” mean? I wrote a report and now it won’t let me compile it. ~Thanks

In an oh-so-helpful list of error codes we were given, the following description is shown: Module 43, Error 1: ‘Err_RecConv_StringTooLong (Module_RecConv, 1 )’ Now maybe someone could interpret that?

I played around with my report some more and apparently it gives this kind of error when Data item name exceeds 30 characters. Oh good god how i miss c. Sorry for spaming the board :)) ~Sergey

This is really NOT SPAMMING! I just wonder why you’re getting such a message instead of a “normal” error message. This would be worth reporting to Navision! Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster