Internal Erorr 2 in Module 10

Hi All, Iam getting Internal Erorr 2 in Module 10 with one of our clients. I tried the following options in the system, Iam getting the error and the Result is as follows. Note : We haven’t created any Navisoin user id in the client place. Iam getting error with the user Login Kristin 1. I try to log-in with diff user id (windows log-in) Navision(userid) It was working perfectly. 2. I tried to use the same log-in(kristin) in other system it works perfectly 3. I deleted the Client Side fin.exe, fin.zup, fin.dmp and Still Iam getting the error… What could be the reason. Can any one help onthis…? Rgds M. Ramanath

Ramanath, If you do a search on this site for Error or module, you’ll find a topic where someone has listed a whole lot of these error codes with a description. Hopefully this will help.

Hi Connull Dunbar, In the Postings also they want to remove the fin.dmp only. I need more help onthis… any one can help me…? Rgds M. Ramanath