Intern Error 100

We have sometime this error Intern Error 100 in module 11. It comes suddently, en after, we close Navision en it’s all. We cannot reproduce this bug. Best regards Murielle

One way to reproduce this error is by doing something rather odd : Try deleting the ID property of a Form, Report or Dataport and that will give you An error 100 in Module 11 I found that one by pure mistake …

I have received this error on more than one occasion. Until now, I have found that the error lies in the report properties, and by resetting the properties to default one-by-one, I have come across the error. This time I have received this error, and I have managed to find the property that is causing this. I am using a processing report to send code to a generic printer. This works ok until I set the report property for processing only to YES. This is when the error happens. Is there a C/AL code alternative for this property, or could it be linking to another property on the report ?

This error may occurs when characters with code >127 presents in “Code” fields (national and special symbols).