Intergration AX + Sharepoint


We are planning to use Axapta. To integrate information from Axapta with other company apllications we will use Sharepoint Server.

Does somebody have any experience in this work?

I have read whitepapers of Microsoft: its not so complicated - just import of AX-infprmation through WebParts-Technology.

Is it so? Does someone have real experience with such integration?

hai vadimiron, the point what you mentioned in your question(To integrate information from Axapta with other company apllications) probably its not sharepoint, we use biztalk server adapter or webservices adapter.

if you feel that this is what you looking for probalby i can help you out in installing and configuring AIF


Hello, Without knowing details like what you are trying to achieve, how comfortable your IT team is with Ax or SharePoint it will be difficult to provide an educated response. But generally speaking it is not complicated to get this up and running. Also there are plenty of resource available on Partnersource on this subject. Regards,

Hi Harish,

I understand your message and we respect you Mr Harish, because you are the one of the active, Exprienced and respectful member of Axapta groups, we will try to learn more before we give any response.

thanks for your comments on the response.