Interface with third party appl using XML

Hi, Kindly enlighten me how a third party product be seamlessly intergrated with Axapta using XML. The potential channel can be BizTalk Adaptor Microsoft Message Queue Extend AI webservices Pl let me either of these or any other known methods can help achieve the objective. Regards,

Axapta has a module: Comerce Gateway, which utilize BizTalk server technology for electronic data exchange of XML, EDIFACT, SAP IDOC and other similiar documents. If you don’t want to use Commerce Gateway, Axapta X++ has a whole set of classes for XML creation/manipulation [:D] You can also create automation using Business Connector and external Web Services, which can call Axapta methods using Connector.

Hello Anuj, Good to see you here. Hope you are keeping well [:)] As Bojan pointed out, you can integrate using any of the technologies. Based on the nature of your application, you can zero in on the technology. For ex - if you want receive/send SO/PO then BizTalk would fit in very nicely. Also if you can sacrifice the XML bit, have a look at the Enterprise Portal to see whether it meets your needs. BTW, that is a good post Bojan [;)] Cheers, Harish Mohanbabu

Harish: [^] I am trying to figure if it is posible to create Web Services in Axapta Enterprise Portal. I have found class WebServices, and looked at tutorial_WebServicesDemo. But this is only for consuming external web services from Axapta. Can I somehow make some methods available as Web Services using base Axapta classes? I know it is possible to do so through Business Connector and external Web Services. There is an article on MSDN titled “Using XML Web Services to Communicate with Microsoft Axapta” about this at

Bojan, I was only able to get that done by creating a web service in .Net using Business Connector to instanciate Axapta base classes. I know there are some new features that are comming out with 4.0, but untill then… If you find some other solution, let us all know!!! Regards, Vlad.