Interested in Navision Add-ons

It appears there is no easy way to find all (or even most) add-ons available for Navision. In most cases it is cost effective for our clients to purchase an add-on instead of paying for the functionality to be created from scratch. After some very long and tedious research I have found a few add-ons but I know there are many more out there. If you have an add-on for Navision please send me an email. If there isn’t a current need for it I will store the information until we have a client that would benefit from it. Below is a list of add-ons I’m currently looking for. I’ve found a couple but I’m not sure they are a perfect fit so I’m looking for alternatives as well. Variable BOM’s Kitting or automatic build of BOM’s when item is shipped Blind Substitutions Integrated shipping package Packing Slip that lists qty available to pick instead of (or in addition to) qty ordered A/P Checks to print MICR code so that they can print on blank check stock Show item on PO as a kit but receive items as components. Again, the above list is what I’m looking for today but I’m also interested in receiving information on any Navision Add-on that your company is offering. mindie @ Thanks.

let us know what you are looking for,we have a group here in India,we could make some useful contribution to any kind of add-on requirement at a low cost. DS

For the integrated shipping package, you should review e-Ship from Lanham and Associates. It is an excellent product.

In reality Lanham is the [b]only[/] NTR that has been successful in the Add-On market in North America (to the best of my knowledge). I would suggest that anyone looking for an Add-On starts there.

Are you interested in a Banking & Financial Services add on? Regards. DS

We have an add-on called GPMS (Global Property Management System). It’s an add-on for managing Real Estate and available in Dutch and English in Attain 3.60.

you might want to check out the add-ons from SimCrest. They are build with more than 13 consecutive years of experience with Navision Financials/Attain.