Interest Calulation in AX 2009

Respected Experts,

I need to setup Interest Calculation for the Customers and Vendors for the payment received and paid respectively after the due date. And the payment terms on the SO/PO should be also linked with the Interest Calculation.

For Example : Customer A has to pay 10,000 on 1-8-2012. and he pays after the due date i.e. 5-8-2012 so we charge interest per day wise and item wise.

So please help me in achieving the above request in Standard AX 2009

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Collection and interest collection is already there in standard AX. You can use that. The feature is part of Financial management 2.


Thanks…for the above post…

i had gone thru the document named Customer Collection Letter & Interest Calculation.

But now the doubt is…how will I link the defined Interest Codes with the Terms of Payments we select at the transaction level.

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